How did Seventh Ray Centre get its name?

Being initiated as a Reiki Master-Teacher in 2003 heightened Lida’s abilities and, her passion for the potential in all has only increased with time. When it was time to put a name to the work the Seventh Ray Centre was mysteriously born in 2007. The essence of this vibration has been known for many decades with much written by respected, spiritual teachers.


Since the early 80’s Lida van den Berg has worked with people from diverse backgrounds helping them to realize their potential. In 1996 Lida became attuned to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. Embracing the philosophies Lida offered Reiki to all who asked and developed a reputation for applying Reiki in practical ways.


Although Lida’s methods have changed, she still honours the Reiki philosophies and believes that Reiki is a priceless foundation for those who are seeking to live a spiritual life.
Lida van den Berg

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"A beautiful and safe space in which I was able to truly let go and flow with the experiences I was having. The connections I now have made to my spirit and angel guides and meet my spiritual teacher have been truly exceptional. Thank you Lida."

L Hann VIC

" "Thank you Lida for the insight and vision to allow me to achieve my dreams"

Steve NVIC

"Loved every moment of this workshop/ great experience. This programme helped me understand chakra placements better. Was a great experience, loved the hands-on experience; eye-opener."

S JankovicVIC
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