REIKI 2018

Reiki is not only a hands-on practice it is also a philosophy for life. Reiki compliments all therapies and all belief systems and is not limited by ideologies. Reiki will promote relaxation and a sense of peace. Learning Reiki will have the student adding depth to all areas of life becoming more enriched through the teachings.

Reiki is the art of Self-Mastery and those who are chosen to travel this path will come to know that all that is touched is touched with Reiki, at all times. However, the more awareness you place on Reiki the more aware you become of the subtle shifts that occur from moment to moment.

The more you place your attention on this expansive awareness, the more rewarding your life will be, regardless of status or creed. Reiki resonates with all that there is - within the vibration of love and light, therefore Reiki compliments all in the journey of life, be it doctor, lawyer, teacher, parent, complementary therapist, artist, prison warden, etc. All you are called to do is to do what you are called to do.

Reiki is a non-invasive spiritual healing modality. People who have received Reiki when dealing with conditions such as serious illness or struggle with grief have stated that they experience a sense of peace, whilst those who are exhausted walk away with a sense of being refreshed and then there are those who have realisations and release old thought patterns that no longer serve. We all connect with the Universal Life Force that promotes a sense of well-being yet each person's experience is unique.

Reiki will support you on your unique journey in a practical way as you resonate with the Source of all that there is. You will become more aware of your spiritual journey and your relationship with All that there IS and this expanding awareness will no longer allow you to treat yourself as the person in the second row. Your actions, how you interact with yourself and others in your life, will be determined by your growing awareness with ALL that there IS.

Member of: Australian Reiki Connection Inc and the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals. Reiki practice and teachings are delivered in accordance with the Lineage of the Mikao Usui traditions.

"I was really full of anger and hurt before, I feel like a whole weight has been lifted. I feel I am able to get to a feeling of oneness now.” R Tuck


Reiki Share events are a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers of Usui Reiki to get together and offer Reiki to those who seek.

On the first Friday of every month Reiki practitioners come together to practice the gentle art of Reiki on each other and on attending members of the public.
The space provided is a safe and nurturing environment.

The evening commences with meditation then followed by Reiki healing. Reiki channels from 1st Degree onwards are encouraged to attend.

Confirming your attendance will assist with logistics.
Please call, text or email should you have any questions.

WHERE: Qi Crystals: 743-745 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield
WHEN: 1st Friday of every month - excluding public holidays
TIME: 7pm
COST: $15


This two day certificate course will take you to another level of awareness and personal healing. Reiki means Universal Life Force and it is this life force which will compliment all belief systems and will reconnect you with the body's ability to heal.

- Promote peace and clarity on life's issues
- Offer Reiki to ailing plants
-Your loved ones & pets will love the art of Reiki
-Bring balance to emotions by clearing blocks at a deep emotional level
-Heart chakra expansion

Learn how to use Reiki on self and others for relaxation and healing. Experience Reiki as your unique abilities are enhanced. You will learn the history of Reiki to help you understand its importance in our lifestyle. Registration is essential. Manual & Certificate will be supplied.

WHEN: Consecutive Sundays, 4th & 11th February 2018
TIME: 10am till approximate finishing time of 5pm - on both days
WHERE: Qi Crystals: 743-745 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield
COST: Registration is $100 which will be deducted from the total of $295

“Although challenging, very beneficial. I will continue this journey with this teacher. Thank you Lida." A Orliansky


You will be introduced to the sacred Reiki symbols, and how to perform remote or distant healing helping you to embrace the spiritual elements of Reiki healing. You will learn how diverse and transformational Reiki is. The initiation further activates the heart and third-eye chakras and will facilitate the expansion of knowing.

Reiki 2nd Degree will compliment all other therapeutic modalities. Manual & Certificate will be supplied.

WHEN: Consecutive Sundays, 22nd & 29th April 2018
WHERE: Qi Crystals: 743-745 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield
TIME: 10am - 5pm approximate finishing time
COST: Registration is $100 which will be deducted from the total of $375

“What was most helpful were the different techniques learnt to help me on my healing journey, e.g. The Buddhist principles, symbols etc. I am now more aware of feelings and reactions to things and why.” M Learoyd-O’Neill


This advanced, practitioner course is for spiritual seekers who want to experience the Reiki traditions with greater depth. You will learn more sacred symbols. You will undertake advanced activities that will reveal how even the most challenging is serving a divine purpose. The two day course will further expand your learning, innate abilities and intuition. Manual & Certificate will be supplied.

WHEN: Consecutive Sundays, 18th & 25th March 2018
WHERE: Qi Crystals: 743-745 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield
TIME: 9:30am - 5:30pm approximate finishing time
COST: Registration is $100 which will be deducted from the total of $455

The cost of Reiki 3A will be deducted when enrolling into the Master-Teacher Course

“Since completing the R3A course is that I have shifted some big energetic baggage. I am now more aware of Reiki being part of my everyday life and know how to use it.” S Demanuele


You will learn how to integrate the Reiki symbols during your journey of self-mastery. Whilst this course is self-paced it is intensive and requires commitment and dedication. As a student, you will assist in Reiki attunements and contribute to the Reiki story.
The course duration is generally 6 to 9 months, however, the student-teacher relationship is perpetual and commences when the student is ready.

Pre-requisite Reiki 3a and interview

“Today I am living my soul purpose as a healer and Reiki/Master teacher. Love, Light, Gratitude & Blessings to Lida.” J Gatt

For any consultation contact Lida:
Phone : 0403 861 638 or e-mail:
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