Communicate with Spiritual Teachers & Guides in a safe and supportive environment. You will find that this class is nurturing in nature as you work with specific tools that will prepare you for channeling inspiring insights.

These insights will add spiritual meaning to a physical world. Your relationship with your higher self will become more acute and with practice this aspect will seem as natural as your five senses.

This class is popular and numbers are kept to a minimum. Register early to avoid disappointment.

You will learn about the various realms and how experiences vary in relation to these realms
You will learn how to commune with your guides, angels and spiritual teachers
You will receive wisdom and insights when communicating with the Spiritual realm in a safe, supportive and informal environment

WHEN: Sunday 6th May, 2018
TIME: 10am - 4pm approximate finishing time
WHERE: Qi Crystals, 743-745 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield
COST: $155

Once completed you qualify to join the Channel Wisdom Circle, a supportive group of like minded individuals. The circle meets every month. This is a closed circle. Cost to attend the circle is by Donation.

"I now know I can channel. What was most helpful was experiencing the feeling of magnificence of the channeling. Lida's voice and experience is very supportive teaching channeling." D Richards


Many years have passed since I began channeling. Until recently, I described myself as the reluctant channel and can best describe the journey as a series of intiations. The journey began with Rose, then Saint Germain, then Kuan Yin, then Electra onto Isis and last to join the collective is Metatron. Archangel Michael's presence has been with me since very early childhood. I call this collective, radiant force as The Voice of Lite.

Those who choose to converse with the Voice of Lite will experience a natural style with much mirth regardless of the topic presented by the recipient. Questions are answered in a conversational way, at times providing the querant with tools and at others challenging the question (in a loving way).

All conversations end with a blessing.

This style is not for those who want "Yes" or "No" answers.

Recipients are encourage to perform daily meditations for one week prior. Five minutes on focusing on the breath will suffice.

For any consultation contact Lida:
Phone : 0403 861 638 or e-mail:


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