The Individual Within will turn your dreams into reality...Turning dreams into reality. This course will have you taking practical steps to turn your goals into reality. You will learn how your body language and dialogue are, at different times, your allies or your saboteurs.

How often do you say or think "I wish I could......."?

Sometimes the wish is a flight of fancy yet at other times these wishes are unfulfilled dreams discounted as flights of fancy.

If you would like to move toward fulfilling your dreams then you will find this class beneficial. Doors will open to new possibilities as you use the tools gained within this 4 week workshop.

The skills you learn within this workshop will provide you with invaluable tools that you will be able to access for the rest of your life. The Individual Within© course was first developed in 2002 using Milton Ericksonian concepts. Milton Erickson specialised in human behaviour and showed that it is possible to gain creative solutions within the unconscious mind.

Classes are spaced to enable the integration process This course is available via phone or face to face.

TIME: 7pm-9pm approximate finishing time
WHERE: Qi Crystals, 743-745 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield
COST: Registration is $100 which will be deducted from the total of $255
For further information see under Counselling also.

"Lida taught me to focus on the end result by visualizing what it was I really wanted. I was able to manifest my desired outcomes" K Kelly


The Attention on Intention© programme is for those who consciously or conscientiously hold space for others for lengthy periods of time. Your awareness will be taken to another level which will heighten your skills. Learn how the Past, Present and Future are realms that affect you.

Although being present seems relatively simple you will learn how your relationship with the past and future determines how you limit your potential. Once you become the master of your past you will have a total different aspect with the future whilst remaining present. A powerful position to be in when supporting and inspiring others.

"A powerful workshop, beautifully presented with enough guidance and strength to help us first to see and then push through barriers and, encourage further exploration." Gaia

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