Meditations are guided and informal with opportunities for discussion. Attendance is open and will suit from the novice to the experienced.

Guided Meditation is beneficial for all individuals from all walks of life. Other benefits you will experience are tension release, lowering of heart rate and blood pressure. You will also experience being part of a bigger picture as your awareness levels increase.

Much is written about the practice of mindfulness and the benefits this practice brings. When engaging in meditation, no matter the style, you will by default become acutely aware of the patterning of the mind. Regular meditation will also strengthen your relationship with inspiration, intuition and possibilities.

During cooler weather, take warm socks and a shawl/throw for your comfort.

No need to book. Attend as your schedule allows.

WHEN: Every Friday - excluding public holidays
TIME: 10AM & 7PM
COST: $15
WHERE: Qi Crystals: 743-745 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield

“Lida is very open and accepting and guided us gently into creating a zone of contemplation at the end of each week. She is a very good listener and facilitator of discussion. So many of us manifested, changed and resolved so much during our time in Lida's group. I came across Lida's weekly meditation group in Melbourne at a time when I needed it most. I am thankful to have shared my journey with Lida.”
J Watson-Brown


Although the course is focused on developing your skills in this area the organic nature of the course will mean that any resistance or fears that arise will be tended to. Greater awareness is gained which in turn provides the participant with greater freedom.

The Meditation Facilitator course is self-paced and runs for a duration of 18 hours and will expose you to various styles of meditation from practical breathing through to journey work. You will learn how to confidently plan, prepare and conduct meditation groups. Choose face to face training or via distance.

Pre-requisite: Qualification in ie. Reiki, Psychology, Counselling, Yoga etc. Enrolment is via interview

“My journey is part of my healing process; I have been able to not only apply practical ideas but have been able to heal and resolve aspects of me that were in fear. Dear Lida, thank you for all your work; for the space you create for others to share the beautiful sacred nature of your work. I am eternally grateful to you.”
C Prasad


Reiki Share events are a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers of Usui Reiki to get together and offer Reiki to those who seek.

On the first Friday of every month Reiki practitioners come together to practice the gentle art of Reiki on each other and on attending members of the public.

The space provided is a safe and nurturing environment.

The evening commences with meditation then followed by Reiki healing. Reiki channels from 1st Degree onwards are encouraged to attend.

Confirming your attendance will assist with logistics.

Please call, text or email should you have any questions.

WHERE: Qi Crystals: 743-745 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield
WHEN: 1st Friday of every month - excluding public holidays
TIME: 7pm
COST: $15

For any consultation contact Lida:
Phone : 0403 861 638 or e-mail:

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