Spiritual Counselling sessions are incorporated with Reiki. These sessions will suit those who are experiencing a myriad of symptoms. Anxiety, stress, depression, relationship difficulties and addictions are just some experiences that prevent you from living a rich and fulfilled life.

This work has inspired many to live their lives with joy. Sessional work will reconnect you with your life purpose and promoting a sense of well being.

Consultations are conducted face to face in Caulfield and Chelsea or via phone.

Courage is required when inviting change.

Each session will take you closer to your truth, releasing the behaviours that inhibit you from living your potential.

What will be different?

Anxieties, fears, depression is not your natural state. This is why you are seeking out remedies because you know that your natural state is to be happy and energized. Each session will help you to return to a place of openness and peace. Activities will assist your mind to heal with compassion and to invite a more relaxed state. The intention is for you to feel empowered.

What are your concerns?

The difficulties may range from addictions to volatile anger to lack of self esteem and more.

What does a consultation consist of?

Each consultation consists of an enquiring and listening style that has been developed over many years and is complemented by Reiki, a non-intrusive Japanese therapy.

How many consultations are needed?

It may take up to two months. Although not always the case, the time period may be longer when you have deep-seated painful memories.

Your commitment to living your truth will determine how many consultations are required. It is advised that there is a minimum of a two week integration period between each consultation. Alternatively, some candidates will undertake intensive courses such as Reiki, Chakra classes, and the 'Attention on Intention' on the journey of healing and self discovery and may opt for a one-off restorative consultation.

How are you protecting the concern?

If embarrassment, shame, guilt or fear is present then you may be protecting the inhibiting behaviour, preventing you from revealing your full potential.

When might you notice change?

You will notice an immediate change, for some it is quite subtle and for others less so. The change is such that you may experience a joyful sense of what is to come or it maybe that you experience an unsettling resonance coming from the core of your being.

What qualifies Lida to have the skills which transform dysfunctions?

In the 1980s, in the role of a retail manager, I noticed that I had a natural ability to identify the individual's inhibiting beliefs, and by supporting and guiding them to identify and embrace their strengths. From the early 1990s I searched for practical courses that would compliment my innate abilities.

Intense personal development courses where I faced my fears and struggles to reveal my inner beauty. Courses such as Reiki helped me to view life as inspiring and each day provides me with new opportunities to be inspired. More than two years experience working as a Reiki practitioner for a drug and alcohol healing centre left me with awe for those who experience great pain yet demonstrate a resilience that cannot be defined. I aligned with Solution Orientated counselling in the way that the attention is on the person's preferred state of being. Having attended intensive courses on illness, death and grief has provided me with an ability to demonstrate compassion in the most challenging situations. Meditation provides a stillness that I am able to go to, even in the midst of upheaval. Crystals and chakras are tools that hone my ability to read and interpret energy.

What Qualifications do I have?

Reiki Master/Teacher
Solution Orientated Counselling
Vibrational Crystal Therapy
Esoteric Acupressure
Magnified Healing
Training & Assessment
Member of Australian Reiki Connection
Member of Association of Australian Reiki Professionals

“I’ve learned so much from you and looking back to where I was when I first came to you and where I’m now I feel like a different person and can’t wait to see where my journey takes me (I’m really excited) I have itchy feet to gain knowledge on all of my passions!”

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